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Asko has raised the ranks in the appliance world thanks to the company’s remarkable record and dedication to a superior level of service and quality products. Asko washers are one of the best in the business, but the Asko washer repair is still required from time to time. How does one choose an appliance repair company for such a task?

Choosing an Asko Washer Repair Specialist

Specialist is the essential word here; you want to hire a company that knows the ins and outs of Asko washers, and what makes them tick. Asko is a brand that is not as well-known as some of the lower quality appliance brands available across the country, and this can cause some misperception for repair companies who are looking to source parts or fix an issue.

A general washer repair company will not be likely to have original parts on hand to fix an Asko appliance, unless the problem is trivial. Obviously if the problem is trivial then one can usually fix it oneself, so where was the need for Asko washer repair at all? Some people do fear the idea of fixing a washer themselves, as they consider themselves to not be ‘handy’, and positively it is true that if there is a serious issue with the washer then one is unlikely to be capable to fix in by oneself at home. However, getting to the bottom of the issue is, in the first instance, the job of the owner, as one may find that there is simply something jammed in the machine, or that a fuse has blown.

General DIY Repairs

Asko washer repair specialists are not encouraging that you take your machine to bits every time there is an issue (which, to be fair to Asko appliances, should still be quite sporadic), but there are certain things that one can perform oneself. If the machine is simply not powering on at all, then checking the fuse in the plug is the logical first step. This does not require any professional tools; in many cases you can just remove the fuse from the plug without even a screwdriver. Replace the fuse with another of the same level of voltage (you can get these from just about everywhere –  electrical stores , supermarkets, hardware stores), and see whether or not the machine will power up. In some cases you might need a screwdriver to get to the fuse, but it is still a very straightforward check.

Doing this yourself might be a little bit difficult, but will save the time of the repair specialist, and consequently save you money. If the problem did in fact end up being the fuse, and you called out an Asko washer repair technician just for that reason, then it is going to cost you significantly more for the callout charge than it is for the cost of the replacement fuse. Even if the fuse was not the issue at the end, then you’re paying for the time it takes the repair technitian to check the fuse. At the worst end of the scale, if you were unlucky enough to have chosen a unprincipled company, you have already show to them your complete lack of knowledge which they could use to their benefit.

Asko washers are designed not to get clogged up, and when they do they have been designed to make it easy to find the obstruction and get it out. The connecting pipes are easy to take off the machine, and you can check to see how water streams through them or whether there is an obvious blockage. Check the manual for the exact locations it recommends for you to check for likely blockages which might be causing your machine to run at a lower performance than anticipated.

Specialist Asko Repair

Apart from these steps, and any other indicated in your manual for your particular model, you are largely out of luck, and it looks like you’ll need a specialist Asko repair company to check out what is the problem. Asko machines are constructed to last, and as oppose to other manufacturers it pays to repair them rather than replace them. The parts are readily available to the Asko repair company, and are not priced outrageously high at all. Once you have your Asko washer repair accomplished, your machine will be back to 100%, and should continue to give you year upon year of exceptional service.

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