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Asko Appliance Recalls

Asko appliances are commonly considered to be of a very high quality, from time to time the company will have to issue Asko appliances recalls. This happens when part of a machine is not behaving in a way that it should and in order to repair the problem once and for all, the company will simply ask everyone to get it fixed. Otherwise, the problem will continue and people will have to deal with the problem later on down the road. By getting it fixed all at once, Asko or any other company, can handle it at once and spearhead the problem once and for everybody. When looking at the essentials of a recall it is important to look at the reason the product was recalled and how it will affect the product going forward.

The Recalls

Some models of Asko dishwashers required a recall in the late 1990s through the early 2000s as part of the main control panel was malfunctioning. The problem was not widespread, as only around 20 people had experienced the problem with the control panel. Still, Asko deemed it a better idea to simply fix the problem for everyone than have to go through the process of repairing it individually. The control panel would actually overheat and could possibly cause a fire hazard inside the dishwasher. For this reason, there was an Asko appliances recall.

If you currently own an Asko dishwasher and it was bought during this period, you should ensure that it would through the appropriate procedure to get fixed. You can explore the internet to discover specific recall and find out if your model is amongst the list of problematic models. If you can locate or know the model number, you can cross reference against those that had the problems. The model name of the recalled series was the DW95 and the models were the 1805, 1885 ,1595, 1355, 1655,  and the 1985. If you own one of these models it is important to go through the recall procedure.

Going Forward

To date, this has been the only Asko appliances recalls that the company has needed to do. This should tell you as a customer that the level of quality for the dishwasher is generally quite high. Asko has been making home appliances for quite some time and there are very rarely any issues involved on the consumer’s side of things. When a problem is identified, it is handled quickly and the machine is built on high standards that should keep it going work properly for quite some time. As a company that is known for making high quality products, Asko has put their reputation on the line many times and will continue doing so in the future. Making a product that is high quality ensures that people will continue purchasing them in the future.

All companies will experience a recall at some point in time, so it should be a major concern for you as a consumer when you are looking to buy a new appliance. What you should really be worried with is the commitment level that the company shows in how they handle it. With an Asko appliances repairs, Asko was professional in how they handled it as they know that the consumers who purchased the product have very high expectations for the quality of the product. If they are not react properly, they would potentially lose business in the future and experience backlash against their name from future customers. You should take pride in owning a machine that is made from Asko as they are one of the top brands that is presently available on the market.

If you’re Asko appliance begins to experience any problems, the best thing that you can do is to contact a repair shop that has the expertise and the knowhow of working with Asko appliances. In some occasions you might be able to pepare the machine on your own, but it is always best to let a skilled professional do the job. By turning the appliance over to someone who really knows what they are doing, you will ensure that you are getting a top level repair job done and that the appliance will really last into the future. You can always keep up to date with any recalls that are going on, however due to the high quality of the Asko appliances; it is unlikely that one will really need one in the future. Asko appliances recalls are a infrequent event, but you should still always keep them in mind when working on a repair job for the product.

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