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Infrequently you will have to worry about having your appliance repaired. If you reside in the state of California, you should contact Asko appliance repair Encino for help. The Asko appliances are constructed of high quality materials and are eco friendly. They will work many years if properly serviced. In the event that your machine shall need repair you should first contact the Asko customer service center. The Asko customer service center contact information can be found on Asko’s company website. Additionally, you can refer to your product user’s manual for troubleshooting tips, manuals and frequently asked questions.

Brand History

In 1950, in Vara, Sweden, Karl-Erik Andersson invented the first front loading washing machine. Andersson build his first front-loading washing machine and compact dishwasher in 1965 and began distributing them in 1967 in North America. Since then, the company has increased its product line and now sells laundry, kitchen and professional appliances. Throughout the life of the company it has undergone several name changes and acquisitions. In 1988, the company name Asko was obtained.

Common Issues That May Occur

For local California residents your Asko appliance repair Encino should be contacted at the first sign of issue. They are open to assist you with local repairs. It is very rare of a dryer to give its owner problems. One of the things that you have to worry about is keeping the lint tray cleaned.

However, there are other problems that could occur with time. These issues are but are not limited to: the appliance is making a funny noise, the machine takes too long to dry laundry, the clothes are coming out wrinkled, the machine starts but stops upon release of the start button, error messages, and the machine won’t start.

Common Solutions to Common Issues

If you notice that your dryer is making a funny noise. It is very common to hear a slight rumble when you first turn on your machine. The rumbling sound typically lasts for only a couple of seconds. If you are not a trained repair person please contact Asko appliance repair Encino.

While your dryer is running error messages may appear. In order to fully understand the error messages you may refer to your user’s manual. Your user manual may list all error codes and their meanings. A couple of error messages that may be displayed are “Max Program Time” and “Clean Lint Filter”. If you happen to see the “Max Program Time error” message, consult your user’s manual. Asko appliance repair Encino should be contacted if you are not sure how to resolve the error messages.

The “Max Program Time error” message means that the max program time has been reached. If the Clean Lint Filter error message is displayed then you should clean your machine lint filter. To remove or close the error messages you should press the Stop button.

Sometimes it appears as if appliance is taking too long to dry your laundry. One of the first things that you should do is check if the lint tray needs cleaning. If you use dryer sheets when drying your laundry you may need to rinse the lint filter with warm water and a soft brush to clear any blocked holes. Also, overloading the dryer may increase the drying time because the warm air is not getting enough room to circulate correctly.

If your clothes are wrinkled when you take them out of the dryer it could mean that you have left them in the dryer too long. It is a good idea to remove the clothes from the dryer as soon as they have finished drying completely. Also, drying light fabrics and heavy fabrics together, permanent press items together and smaller loads together decreases wrinkles. Asko appliance repair Encino is whom you need to call if you have repair problem that you cannot resolve. Additional option is to use a fabric softener in your rinse when washing your clothes.

When you hit the start button on your machine and the dryer starts but stops upon release of the start button there may be an issue. Frequently, this happens when the overheating protection has been activated. You should consult your manual for potential causes and instructions on how to restart your dryer.

If your appliance won’t start you should first make sure the machine door is closed securely. Next, you should check to see if the dryer is receiving power and turned on. Depending on your dryer model you should also check to confirm that the condensation tank is not empty.

Machine Maintenance

A few items that should be maintained regularly to increase product life are: the lint filter, exhaust hose, control panel, fan and the condenser. Please consult your user’s manual for further instruction on how to maintenance your appliance, or contact Asko appliance Encino.  
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