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Asko appliance’s originated in Sweden. Asko is known for their washing machines, dryers and dishwasher. Their machines have child-proof features but are very intuitive and adult friendly. The washers are energy star approved, have a solid construction and are high tech yet very simple to operate. In order to have your Asko appliance repair Glendale service you would need to verify status of your warranty. This can be done by contacting Asko customer service. If your warranty is still valid you can schedule a repair with a warranty privileges. The customer service center working hours can be found on the company website.

Brand History

Asko was founded by Karl-Erik Andersson in by 1950. In 1965, Andersson created the company’s first front-loading washing machine and a compact dishwasher. Asko, was initially branded as Junga Verkstader. In 1978, the company was acquired by Asea which caused a company name change to Asea Cylinda. In 1988, the company was acquired by a furniture manufacturer company by the name of Asko.  Since the company began Asko appliance repair Glendale has been established to assist customers with any questions or problem that may occur.

Common Issues That Can Happen

Asko sells front-loading and top loading exceptional quality washers. No matter the style or size of the washing machine there are some issues that can possibly occur such as: the machine door won’t open, error messages are being displayed, water left in machine after final spin, the machine will not start or the washing machine is making noises.

Most washer repair is simple and can be resolute by referring to your user’s manual and troubleshooting. There are other issues that may occur which require a certified repair person’s expertise. If you are not experienced or certified to perform such repairs you should contact the Asko customer service center directly to schedule a repair service.

Common Solutions to Common Issues

Asko appliance repair Glendale center should be contacted if you have any issues with your appliance that you cannot resolve. If your washing machine is displaying error messages that you don’t completely understand you should check your user’s manual to find out what the error message means. A few typical messages that may be displayed are “overflow fault”, ” unbalance” ,  “close the door” and “water motor fault”. You should contact trained technician if the water motor fault message is showing.

If for any reason your machine will not start you should check to ensure that the door is closed properly. If the door is not closed properly you should firmly push it shut. In the occurrence that your washing machine door won’t open you should make sure if the main power switch is on. Also, you should check your house circuit breaker to make sure a fuse has not been blown. If there is water left in machine after the final spin you should check a few items. First, make sure the No Spin option isn’t turned on. Next, make sure the pin trap is not clogged. Then, make sure the outlet hose is not clogged. Last, make sure there are no kinks in the outlet hose.

One last thing that you could check is to make sure you have not selected the Delayed start button. If you have accidentally selected the delayed start button you should cancel the Delayed start by pressing the Start/Stop button for three seconds. If none of the above solutions work Asko appliance repair Glendale by a certified technician may be necessary. You may also consult your manual for assistance.

Sometimes during the washing process the machine often makes noises. A list of noises and solutions can be found in your manual. One of the most common reasons of noises is when the machine is unbalanced. The machine may require Asko appliance repair Glendale if you experience a rocking motion from side to side with a powerful force and the motor running harder than usual. In the event that this occurs you should restart the spin cycle. If this does not fix the problem then you should redistribute the laundry in the machine drum.


Usually washer warranty covers 2 years of limited parts and labor protection. An extra warranty may be available you should review the warranty before purchasing to ensure what parts or services will be covered under the warranty. You should contact the manufacturing company Asko appliance repair Glendale facility or their customer service department for information on warranties.

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